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Ring Ready is an obedience cookbook organized to help you quickly find the right ingredient to help your dog better understand and perform each skill.  Marie Sawford’s problem solving and proofing ideas for all obedience levels enable you to address problems and prepare to trial.

Ring Ready offers:

  • Handling and training tips for common mistakes in each exercise
  • Proofing and distraction drills
  • Group drills for you and your friends to try together
  • Winter training ideas to keep your dog tuned up
  • Games to enhance your relationship with your dog.

335 pages, Spiral Bound, Published in 2003
$39 + taxes = $44.07

Master each rally station as Rally On explains how to complete the exercises and breaks them down into key skills.  With easy-to-read handling and training tips, Rally On is a perfect tool for both student and instructor.  Learn about each sign in the three major rally organizations:  the American Kennel Club, the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and the Canadian Association of Rally Obedience.

For obedience enthusiasts it is a nice change of pace from the traditional obedience ring, for agility dog it is a great way to teach body awareness and teamwork.  For the pet dog owners rally can be a great introduction to the world of dog sports.

141 pages, Spiral Bound, Published in 2006
25 + taxes = $28.25