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Floor rental:
$25/hr with an additional $10 per person after 2 people.
Agility: Contact Chad for more information at
(226) 218-3022

For more information please call: Marie (226) 218-4154
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For agility enquiries contact Chad at: chad@companion dogtraining.org







Competition Obedience Program

Competition Puppy Level 1
For puppies 10 weeks to 5 months -  This class does not teach basic control.
Lay the foundation for the novice and open class.  Skills taught include; tucks sits, heel position, recalls, back drops, finishes, introduction to dumbbell, jumping, sit and down stays.  The courses offers lots of games to keep training interesting and fun for you and your dog.  If you have a puppy over 5 months please contact us regarding which class to start in.

Competition Puppy – Level 2
Puppies over 5 months – available  upon the completion of Competition Puppy 1. 
Review and build on the foundation skills from Competition Puppy Level 1as your puppy continues to grow.  Focus on utility foundation skills such as; sit, down and recall signals, go-outs, directed jumping and more games.

Attention Level 1
Minimum age of 5 months

Focusing on animation, attention and precision for all breeds heading for the obedience ring. Work on handling skills, stand for exam, recalls, fronts, finishes, stays and fun games to build your relationship with your dog. 

Attention Level 2
Available upon completion of Attention Level 1

Continuing work on attention and heeling skills, stand for exam, handling skills, fronts, finishes and stays.  Concentrating on more proofing and distraction drills. Teach your dog how to execute right, left and about turns and changes of pace effectively.  Begin to teach off lead heeling.

Available upon completion of Attention Level Two
Get prepared to trial with handling and proofing exercises.  Know the rules (AKC, CKC) and ring procedures.  Formal run thrus on weeks 4 and 8.

Games for Obedience
Learn fun games to help with all levels of obedience and enhance your relationship with your dog.  Games help build drive, attention and animation.

Introduction to Open or Utility
Foundation work for both these classes teaching the principle feature of each exercise. Games will be included for the dog and handler.  Footwork and handling tips to keep your teamwork sharp.

Trial Ready Open or Utility
Get prepared for the ring with proofing, distractions and handling skills. Know the rules (AKC, CKC) and ring procedures.  Run thrus that can be video taped if you desire.

Mixed Skills
Avoid training boredom by using the variety of skills offered in novice, open and utility to spice up your training sessions.  Dogs will be working at their own level for some skills while working group heeling and proofing exercises. 

Rally Obedience Program


Available upon completion of Attention 1

Get prepared to trial.  Focus is on learning the novice rally signs, rules and ring strategies.  Includes run throughs.  Course content covers both AKC and CKC.  CARO rules can be covered upon request.

Rally – Advanced/Excellent
Available upon completion of Rally Novice

Learn the principle creatures of the Advance/Excellent classes along with accompanying rules.  Includes run throughs.

Rally – Course Running
Available upon completion of Rally Advanced/Excellent
Put your skills to use and practice on courses designed by judges.  All levels will be covered.

Agility Program

Puppy Agility
For puppies 10 weeks to 10 months

Introduce young puppies to agility equipment, directional commands and body cues.  This course will be done on leash and will NOT include weave poles. 

Agility Level 1
For dogs 10 months or older
Introduction to all of the obstacles used in regular competition.  Groundwork that will teach the dog to respond to your body language and verbal commands. Jumping drills to show the dog how to judge distance and jump effectively.

Jump Works
Available upon the complete of Agility 1
Your dog becomes comfortable with jumping as the handler’s learn how to excute front and rear crosses.  The dog’s learn to read the handler’s body cues, pattern, striding and lead leg exercises.

Advanced Jump Works
Available upon completion of Jump Works or equivalent.
Further understanding of handler cues and applying them to turns that include backside jumps, blind turns and blind crosses.  Serpentines, Threadles and rear crosses will also be covered.

Masters Jumpworks
Available upon completion of Advanced Jumpworks.
Learn to handle challenging sequences with efficiency.  New turns will be introduced that will benefit courses with European flavour.  These turns will enhance your dog's understanding of the path they should take.

Agility Level 2
Available upon completion of  Agility Level 1
Begin to put sequences together and increase your dog's knowledge of the obstacles and how to perform them safely and efficiently.  Know the rules (USDAA, NADAC, AAC). Handling tips to improve teamwork.

Advanced Agility
Available upon completion of Agility 2  and jump works
Work on more handling and sequencing skills.  Courses will be run and preparation for trials is the focus of the course. 

Trial Prep
Available after completion of Advanced and Advanced Jump Works.
Work sequences using turns and skills learned in the Advanced Level courses.  Prepare to enter trials through working longer course sequences.

Agility Games
Available upon completion of advance agility or equivalent
Become familiar with the most common agility games; snooker, gamblers, jumpers and pairs. Know and understand the rules and titling requirements.           

Tune In
Available upon completion of Advanced agility or equivalent
The course concentrates on running agilitycourses.  Improve the hander’s ability to be prepared  compeition by tuning up handling skills.