Ace and Georgina Cornell — first OTCHX leg

Specter and Angela Lee — New CD - two firsts and one second placement

Piper and Renee Kock — HIT Open B PCC Speciality 197!

Windy and Jaimie St. Maurice — New CDX - HIT!

Flapper and Sue Trout — NEW OTCH!

Puma and Linda Ratcliffe — New CDX at Golden Speciality

Slinger and Sue Trout — New CD!

Piper and Renee Koch — New Otch - three consecutive trials!

Raz and Nancy Feider — first utility leg

Chani and Liz Foster — first Open A leg

Zydeco and Liz Foster — first Open A leg

Depp and Sherree Nagy — P-CD title

Ruger and Terri Cross— P-CD title

Miles and Jaimie St. Maurice — P-CD title

Capri and Nancy Feider — 2 P-Cd legs

Raz and Nancy Feider — OTCH!

Nacho and Susie Bell — New CD with 3 first placements

Tis and Colleen Close — NEW OTCH!

Chani and Liz Foster — New CDX - second place!

Torin and Dawn Nagata — New CD!

Tyro and Sylvia Dorosh — 2 novice legs with High in Class

Joy and Allison Litfin — New CD!

Cedar and Jane Morgan — New CDX, 2nd place with 196.5

Solo and Laura McKay — OTCHX title !!!

Ace and Georgina Cornell — new OTCH

Sam and Patricia Harper — CD, all first placements

Shtiya and Sarah Shtiya — Pre-Cd title

Phantom and Susie Bell — Am UD

Amy and Linda Bryerton — Am CD

Windy and Jaimie St. Maurice — Cdn CD

Rogan and Tracy Thompson — 2+3 Otchx legs (199 Utility HIT!!!)

Amy and Linda Bryerton — Cdn CDX

Flapper and Sue Trout — First utility leg

Hero and Tara Brown — New CD

Rogan and Tracy Thompson — 4th OTHCX leg

Cedar and Jane Morgan — first CDX leg

Canu and Susie Bell — OTCH

Rogan and Tracy Thompson — NEW OTCHX + 2 open HITS

Howdy and Bonnie Christie — CDX title

Raz and Nancy Fieder — Am CDX title

Howdy and Bonnie Christie — 2 NAMBR CD legs (198 + HIT)

Mullligan and Donna Mikita — Pre-Cd title

Pixie and Bonnie Christie — UKC CD title

Howdy and Bonnie Christie — 2 UKC CD legs

Windy and Jaimie St. Maurice — 2 CDX Legs - two first placements

Windy and Jaimie Short – PCD leg

Raz and Nancy Fieder – New CDX !!!

Tyra and Tracy Thompson – 9th GMOTCH Leg + Open B HIT

Phantom and Susie Bell – 4th OTCHX leg + 2 HITs Open B

Rook and Cheryl Ingwersen – 2nd OTCHX leg

Bronte and Steve Woolfenden – first Novice A Leg - second place

Zydeco and Liz Foster – Pre CD title

Tanner and Diane Hopkins – NEW OTCH!!!!

Kyleigh and Mary Waddell – first CDX leg

Phantom and Susie Bell – NEW OTCHX !!!!!

Rook and Cheryl Ingwersen – 4th OTCHX leg

Marla and Sylvia Scott – New CD

Phantom and Susie Bell – MOTCH TITLE

Puma and Linda Ratcliffe – CD title

Rook and Cheryl Ingwersen – NEW OTCHX !!!!!

Rogan and Tracy Thompson – 2 CDX legs

Arrow and Renee Worringer – New CD title

Tyra and Tracy Thompson – GMOTCH TITLE !!!!!!!

Gali and Marie Sawford – 1st CDX leg

Tucker and Pat VanBregt – 2nd utility leg

Kinsey and Marjolein Hicks – New CDX - 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 2nd place

Tis and Colleen Close – New CD - 1st, 2nd, 3 place+ tie for HIT

Kyleigh and Mary Waddell – New CD

Tango and Dara Murphy – New CD

Sylvie and Victoria Lamont – New OTCH with HIT

Bridgie and Gwen Browne – New CDX 

Dazzle and Marcia Halliday – New CDX with 2 HITs

Phantom and Susie Bell – HIT from Open B

Tyra and Tracy Thomspon – 6th GM Leg

Rogan and Tracy Thomspon – New CD 3 firsts + 1 HIT

Rook and Cheryl Ingwersen – 1st OTCHX leg

Magna and Linda Voss – New CDX - 2 2nd places + 3rd place

Dazzle and Marcia Halliday – Am CD with HIT

Tonka and Eve Fishell – New Otch 

Minty and Katherine Hoffman – New CD, 2 firsts

Dazzle and Marcia Halliday – 2 Novice HITs

Ticket and Jutta Hammermueller – New CDX with 2 firsts in Open

Ticket and Jutta Hammermueller – Am CDX with 2 firsts in Open A

Cash and Kelly Morrow – 1st CDX Leg

Lucy and Cathy Carson – New CDX + 1st in class + HS Chessie at national

Zydeco and Liz Foster – 2 Pre Novice legs

Raz and Nancy Fieder – 1 CDX Leg

Rook and Cheryl Ingwersen – HIT from Open B