Juno and Sandy Bergman — ABTC National Speciality winners dog

Banker and Susie Bell — TD

Radar and Jeanne Barrett — TD

Secret and Dave Harvey — Flyball Onyx Title

Rowdy and Bev Harvey — CGN + FD title

Solo and Susie Bell — 1,2,3 Master Hunter legs

Banker and Susie Bell — MH title!

Radar and Jeanne Barrett — WC title

Rowdy and Bev Harvey — Flyball Champion

Capri and Nancy Fieder — WC title

Raz and Nancy Fieder — WCI title

Solo and Laura McKay — MH title!

Rowdy and Bev Harvey — Flyball Champion Gold

Jaeger and Cheryl Ingwersen — UKC Champion

Harry Potter and Bev Harvey — FMCH!

Nacho and Susie Bell — CH

Cedar and Jane Morgan — FD (Field Dog) CGN, AKC JH

Tyra and Tracy Thompson — WCX title at golden speciality

Libby and Margot Neilson — CH

Diva and Sylvia Dorosh — AKC Jr Hunter + group 4th

Quest and Sylvia Dorosh — 3 pt major (AKC)

Apex and Chad Marquis — HS title

Apex and Chad Marquis — PT title (AKC herding)

Ribbon and Marie Sawford — HT title (AKC herding)

Solo and Laura McKay — Am TD

Saga and Hans Handke — TDX

Windy and Jaimie St. Maurice — Cdn CH

Capri and Nancy Fieder — passed St. Johns ambulance therapy test

Ribbon and Marie Sawford — first point in conformation

Harry Potter and Bev Harvey — Flyball Master Excellent title

Solo and Laura McKay – SH leg #2

Raz and Nancy Fieder – BOS at Owen Sound (Aug 08)

Star and Pat VanBregt – TD

Phantom and Susie Bell – 6th MH leg

Banker and Susie Bell – 3rd MH leg

Libby and Susie Bell – 1st MH leg

Szep and Johanna Handke – FDX

William and Jim Hopkins – WCX

Chili and Diane Hopkins – WCX

Nova and Sylvia Dorosh – JH

Miska and Sylvia Dorosh – JH

Vadasz and Sylvia Dorosh – JH

Star and Pat VanBregt – 2nd MH leg

Minty and Katherine Hoffman – AKC TDX

Lucy and Cathy Carson – Am Speciality top working dog

Doozer and Val Leeming – New CH

Saga and Hans Handke – TD

Chase and Renee Koch – TD, TDX, UTD

Luna and Tara Brown – WRD

Puzzle and Bev Harvey – 1st leg stock dog started, CKC Herding title, HIT herding

Star and Pat VanBregt – TDX

Banker and Susie Bell – 1st Master Hunter Leg

Star and Pat Van Bregt – WCX, Senior Hunter Title, 1st Master Hunter leg

Raz and Nancy Fieder – New CH - owner handled - 5 point major - Group 3rd

Solo and Laura McKay – WCX

Amy and Linda Bryerton – WCI

Cash and Kelly Morrow – CGN

Presto and Sue Trout – CGN

Ace and Jean Barrett – WC

Cedar and Jane Morgan – CGN

Export and Jean Barrett – WCI

Raz and Nancy Fieder – 2 NAHRA Started legs

Raz and Nancy Fieder – WCI

Raz and Nancy Fieder – BOS over 66 bitches at speciality + 1st in field class

Rogan and Tracy Thompson – WC

Solo and Laura McKay – 1st Senior Hunter leg