1. Competition Puppy
Fun introduction to; heeling, fronts, finishes, recalls, building toy drive, learning how to play with your puppy, target training, kick-back stands, back drops, retrieving, jumping, utility signals, go-outs and scenting.
Time allotted: 2.5 hours

2. Games for Obedience
Enhance focus, attitude and precision by using many different games. Games cover all exercises in obedience.
Time allotted: 2.5 hours

3. Heeling & Handling
Introduction to a comprehensive handling system for heeling and other aspects of obedience. Get attitude, precision and learn to enjoy heeling. Taught through binding so that the dog cannot get out of heel position. Teaching the dog how to execute perfect turns and figure eights. Also covered: Figure 8, off lead heeling and teaching the dog to use his body.
Time allotted: 3.5 hours

4. Individual Problem Solving
Get to the root of your dog's problem to strengthen his understanding of what is expected of him and improve his consistency. Questions from the rest of the group are encouraged.
Time allotted: 1 hour (10 minutes per person)

5. Proofing and Distraction Work
An explanation of each of these topics and their proper and productive use in training. Proofing and distraction drills for all exercises in obedience.
Time allotted: General: 1.5 hour, More detailed: Novice 1 hour, Open 1 hour, Utility 1 hour

6. Novice
How to teach and lay proper foundation skills for the Novice level. Heeling (on/off lead), figure eights, stand for exam, recalls, fronts and finishes. (If including Heeling and Handling, the remaining Novice skills can be covered in 1 hour)
Time allotted: 3.5 hours

7. Open
How to teach and lay proper foundation skills for the Open level. Drop on recall, retrieves without the use of an ear pinch, broad jump.
Time allotted: 2 hours

8. Utility
How to teach and lay proper foundation skills for the Utility level. Seek back, scent discrimination, signals, go-outs, directed jumping.
Time allotted: 3 hours

9. Stays
How to teach and maintain both the sit and down stay. Keeping stay exercises stress free. Includes proofing and distraction work.
Time allotted: 1 hour

10. Preparing Yourself And Your Dog For The Ring
Knowing when you are ready. The use of matches. Dealing with ring jitters.
Time allotted: 1 hour